“Stylistically, Oceanlux’s sound blends pop, alt pop and electropop elements together into a delicately unique sound that’s quite different from most electropop. The delicacy is accentuated by the tantalizing vulnerability evident in Draper’s voice, which is distinctive and elusively beautiful, like a dream of clouds floating in heavenly realms.” 

- Huffington Post


“Mixing up a lush and enigmatic sound with mysterious lyrical explorations of love, sex, heartache and inner commotion, Indiana Pop duo, Oceanlux, has produced an enthralling EP that sticks out from the pact.” 

- Tattoo.com


“The sound of Oceanlux can be described as dreamy, but they have an experimental modern pulse that also lends an activity to the sound.” 

- Inspirer


Oceanlux had an amazing first two years as a band. Following the release of four singles and an EP we are back! “Hurt Me Harder” dropping on February 1st. This is our first new single in over a year. It demonstrates the growth and transformation that the band has made since our debut with “Bruises” back in 2017, with the addition of a live drummer and guitar as a featured instrument the band is embracing a new sound and a new look. 


“‘Hurt Me Harder’ is a new sound for us. It’s upbeat, it’s energetic, and it’s unapologetic with its passion and sass. I can’t wait to share more new music later this year.”

- Brandon


“‘Hurt Me Harder,’ is probably one of my favorite songs Brandon and I have written thus far. It signifies rebirth, personal power, and rejecting any forces that stand in the way of pure joy. It’s in your face and straight to the point. I’m super excited for all that is to come in 2019.”

- Daisy


2019 will be a year of changes, new music and a new Oceanlux.